Sequoia Sourcecode im Internet verfügbar

Das Projekt studysequoia, hinter dem die Election Defense Alliance steckt, hat jetzt erstmals Sequoias (proprietären) Sourcecode im Internet zugänglich gemacht. Der Code wurde dabei auf völlig legalem Weg beschafft.
Wie es dazu kam, wird auf der Seite erklärt:

The Election Defense Alliance filed a public records request under California law for a copy of the final election databases from recent elections in Riverside County California. Riverside coughed them up, after sending them first to Sequoia for „redaction of trade secrets“ and forcing EDA to pay a substantial amount for this „service.“

As near as we can tell, instead of stripping out proprietary stuff of any sort, Sequoia simply committed vandalism [*]: they stripped the Microsoft SQL header data off the top, expecting that this would ruin access to the data under any possible database utility and making the contents unreadable.

While they succeeded in ruining the files as data, they didn’t realize what a Linux user could do with the „strings“ command: strip out unreadable characters and leave everything left as readable plain text. This in turn revealed thousands of lines of Microsoft SQL code that appear to control the logical flow of the election.

[*] Auf der Seite wird derzeit nicht mehr von vandalism, sondern von „failed redaction“ gesprochen.

Die 3 Hauptziele des Projekts lauten jetzt folgendermaßen:
Determine the security risks associated with editing this code in the field.
Determine what this code does, and if it does so honestly, effectively or in a legal fashion.
Determine if this code even legally exists or meets the legal definitions for a „voting system“ at all under federal or state published guidelines.

Downloadmöglichkeiten gibt es hier.
Das 153MB große komplette Paket steht als und bereit.

[via The Brad Blog]

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